Sony - Project Turntable

Project Turntable was a project I had done while working with Sony's Creative Center R&D team. The goal was to create a value proposition for Sony's Audio Headphone division, specifically the mid-range headphone market. The solution I came up with was to create a service that could be utilized by everyone via smartphone app by leveraging Sony's headphone market and adding additional features to Sony brand headphones including sound memes with a click of a button and haptics.

I worked with stakeholders such as the VP of Sony's Creative Center SF, Director of Growth and Innovation and the Sr. UX Design manager for home entertainment products. I designed the experience from concept to user-testing to pitching the concept to the head of Sony's Audio division. The design process was based on iterative meetings with stakeholders and user research was conducted with an agency as opposed to in-house. Unfortunately, the project never received funding, however the learning experience was immense and was valuable, for our team and personally.