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Google – Search

Search was what I primarily focused on during my short 3 mo. contract with the Google Search team. I worked specifically with the Apps and Entry Point team, which was a smaller team within Search. Though there may not be much to show, a large bulk of my work consisted of ad-hoc design work as well as documentation and production design.

Don't be fooled by the few screens, as with a large team (roughly 500 designers and growing on Search) there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and to have the opportunity to design screens with heavy traffic on the Android Google Search App, I am eternally grateful for that, especially in such a short amount of time.

Process-wise, I worked with a lead designer and stakeholders such as Engineers and PM's. Each piece of the interface has another team with a guideline on certain elements, shapes, strokes, etc and ultimately decided the final aesthetic and layout of the interface. The motion transitions and animations were of my own designs, based on the Material Design principles.

How I approached most, if not all, of the transitions in After Effects was to mimic a lot of the Material animation choreography, while adding quick fade-ins/outs as a touch of my own flavor. Quick timing was a key element to designing these screens as many animations can be perceived as latency, when the interest is in the user completing the task in timely manner.